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A healthy, happy home can be described in one word: clean. As dirt, grime, allergens, and bacteria accumulate in the home it quickly feels uninviting. The traffic patters and matted down carpets can change the overall appearance of the home in a negative way. How do you fix this? First, call Chem-Dry®!

cleanChem-Dry offers a variety of cleaning services that are able to clean the surfaces of your home while improve the indoor air quality. Our main cleaning solution is called The Natural® and it relies on the power of carbonation rather than any harsh chemicals, soaps, carpet shampooers, or a steam cleaner machinery. When paired with our sanitiser, the bacteria and allergen account is greatly decreased making a clean and healthy home possible.

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Drier. The Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process that we use at Chem-Dry only needs a small amount of water – a fraction of what typical steam cleaners use. This means your carpets will dry within hours – not days! With such a fast drying time, it’s possible to avoid any mold and mildew development from the cleaning appointment. Many steam cleaning and other cleaning companies use so much water that the stench and harm of mould and mildew are brought into your home.

Cleaner. The effervescent bubbles in our HCE process will delve deep within the fibres of the carpet or upholstery item we are cleaning to unlock any trapped dirt and grime. From here, it is lifted to the surface for easy removal. Our solution offers a deep carpet cleaning using innovative techniques.

Healthier. The Natural is a green solution that is non-toxic and completely safe. Your children and your pets will be safe to be on your recently cleaned carpet or upholstery – completely out of harm’s way.

Call Chem-Dry today to connect with the professionals in your area for a clean you can trust! When considering your home, there’s nothing more important than keeping it clean so your family can be healthy and comfortable.

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